JCP as Revolutionary Organization of Portuguese youth, takes the values ​​of proletarian internationalism. “In JCP, young people strengthen the bonds of friendship, common action and solidarity that unite the youth and people from around the world in the struggle against exploitation and oppression, against imperialism, racism and xenophobia, the preservation of the environment, peace, democracy, national independence, social progress, socialism and communism “(in the JCP Organic Principles).

In a world where imperialism increases its aggressiveness, causing wars, occupations, aggression and interference, attacking the rights of youth, we work to strengthen the anti-imperialist front in the youth plan. In this sense, the JCP operates under the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), structure founded in 1945 and which the IOC is a member, which brings together dozens of organizations on every continent who struggle against imperialism and for world peace , solidarity and social transformation.

World Federation of Democratic Youth