The Portuguese Communist Youth, together with its mass work with the youth, develop institutional intervention, and here too has played an important reporting role, clarification and action to solve the problems of youth.

There are many examples of this type of intervention. Firstly in terms of the Assembly, in conjunction with the Parliamentary Group of the CFP, and through knowledge and intervention by the JCP in the youth reality, the parliamentary group makes a number of questions to the government about issues affecting young people, contributing also for holding requirements, bills and motions that are presented.

We also highlight the intervention of the JCP in the National Youth Council, as part of its Directorate for the 2016 and 2017 mandate, and are based here for contributing to the extensive discussion in this space and between youth organizations of what are the major concerns and problems of young people. Work to promote the involvement of youth organizations, so that the CNJ is a support tool to youth associations and to give voice to the problems of youth, has always been hallmarks of the JCP this space.