High School

The High School Organization of JCP has focused its intervention in Elementary Schools and High Schools, in defence of student rights. JCP is uncompromising in its defence of the School of April: A quality education that is public, free and democratic!

In each school, the communists are organized by school cells, fulfilling an important role in strengthening JCP’s action in schools, and strengthening the political awareness of students. The militants of JCP, united with their classmates, have a key role in the struggle for the resolution of concrete school issues and for the defence of the education to which they are entitled.

The daily intervention of JCP in schools consists of having contact with students and boosting the struggle in each school. For JCP, it is of the utmost importance to increase the student’s awareness, so that they can step up for their rights, linking the concrete problems of each school with the more general issues in educational policy.

Considering that the access to education is a fundamental right, JCP fights:
• For more investment, ensuring more and better material and human conditions in schools;
• For the abolition of the Student Statute and the rise of democracy in schools;
• The gratuity of school textbooks and a reduced number of students per class;
• The implementation of a continuous evaluation method and the end of national exams;
• The return of the school pass.

JCP will continue to fight, so that all young people have access to a quality education that is public and free. JCP considers that this is a fundamental right, essential to the integral formation of every individual, as well as a crucial condition for democracy and for both economic and social progress in Portugal.