Professional School of Tondela

The School of Professional Tondela, as in other professional schools of our country, we are witnessing the degradation of the material and human conditions, as a result of funding cuts practiced over the years by the governments of the PS, PSD and CDS.


Students are faced with the false idea of ​​receiving money to study, as a result of subsidies that should receive, but in fact, in addition to some being late (as exemplified by the materials exchange) the expenses that students will have throughout the year, they have revealed that study is not available to anyone, but who can. In Restoration Course, for example, the training allowance only reaches students at the end of stage (on average 100 euros) and must be such as to ensure the cost of travel, meals and even some materials throughout the stage, have to pay 10 euros for the uniform, and the shoes needed for the lessons are at least 35 euros. Before a regime of hard faults, which when exceeded requires students to pay 20 euros in order to reset the module.


About the material conditions in School Tondela Professional, the gym has small dimensions, taking into account the number of classes that use the simultaneous space and the changing rooms are too small so that students can equip the same time, and sometimes lacking hot water to shower after class. Also the canteen has a small size for the amount of school students. Lack computers with necessary conditions for undergraduate students of Technical Information and Management and lack a bar in the school affordable for all students!


The Portuguese Communist Youth advocates a vocational education that is worthy, public, free and quality, in which the integral formation of students should be the priority, as well as enhance the county or district where the students, and not be the serving the interests of regional economic groups, who take advantage of this subsystem by the fact that more and more students are pushed into vocational courses because they have economic and financial conditions to join the college. Courses may not be used to make hand-work more easily exploitable, serving the logic of increased profits of the business groups.


JCP appeals to students of vocational education that schools and intensify streets their fight for the right to study at public and free professional education they are entitled to, the strengthening of funding from the state and the dignity of this education system.