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Vocational Education

The devaluation of vocational education, which is reflected in the successive budget cuts that schools suffer, has been reflected in the absence of conditions that students face.
In IPTA – Advanced Technologies Professional Institute, the workload has increased and therefore the time for the PAP – Project Fitness practice, indispensable for completing the course – decreased. With the extension of that workload is imposed on more stage time students, where these are, in general, used as free labor, work. The rooms where students have classes are plywood, with no conditions.


The School of Fashion at the Port there are also problems arising from the lack of funding. The Directorate of Regional Porto PCP Organization recently met with the leadership of the school, which became aware of the difficult situation in which this is due to incomprehensible delays in transferring funds to school. Second was possible to ascertain at the meeting, missing repayments totaling a value of € 282,806.75, calling into question the school’s activity. The parliamentary group of PCP intervened on the matter, demanding urgent government action to address this and other problems.
Only the organization of students and their struggle can tackle barriers to decent Vocational Education. In Porto, as elsewhere in the country.