Edgar Silva with youth

(data: 25.10.2015)

Edgar Silva, candidate for president, participated yesterday at a dinner organized by the JCP, which harshly criticized the “intervention” of Cavaco Silva and stressed that the country has an alternative.

The first words of Edgar Silva were of gratitude to so warm welcome and welcomed the sense of there this support, “support for all the battles, for the long journey that goes from here to the elections that take place in January.”

The Communist candidate for president spoke briefly of his journey of life before ‘reach this task “, referring to himself as a deep islet and recalling that it was a Catholic priest, as well as their participation in various intervention projects social, with street children in housing estates, ‘projects that had to do with values, with the defense of human rights, the defense of human dignity, “he said.

“But, however generous it may be our intervention, however well intentioned they may be the dedication to the construction of certain projects, there is a time when we are called to realize that, alone, unless we have a project deeper transformation social, if we have the strength of the organization to give material force to the depth of transformation that reality requires to be fairer, to be radically other, our intervention, however generous it may be, without this collective material strength turns out to be precarious and too fragile. ” He added, eliciting applause from the young people present: “. Our strength is the collective, not collective hardly worth our generosity and our will ‘

“Rights are never offered; for them “to fight, to win highlighted by enumerating then some of the great achievements enshrined in the Constitution, namely the labor level, and bringing to mind all the recent Constitutional Court decision on the conclusion of collective agreements in the public employer to assess the importance and the potential contained in the Constitution.

“The Constitution corresponds to a programmatic policy basis for ensuring for Portugal justice solutions, development and progress,” he said, adding that, as a fundamental law, “takes sides, has a state organization model, the values ​​of democracy of fundamental rights of every man and woman, for the sectors of the landlords of the regime, it is very difficult to digest. ” It is no coincidence that the right is equal to disfigure and change or that governments rule over their heads, “with the connivance of the President,” accused.

In this regard, Edgar Silva said that “we have never had in Portugal a President of the Republic who was deeply committed to the duty to respect and enforce the Constitution. And it’s time we had in Portugal a president who takes this fundamental commitment. ” “Do not just take in the Presidency someone who knows the Constitution from front to back and back to front. What you need to have at this point in Portugal is someone who takes the defense of this Constitution “- without mental reservations, he said.

“With this application we want to mobilize immediately the young to the idea that Portugal has an alternative,” said the Communist candidate, who does not accept the inevitabilities: “We are not condemned to be the most unjust and unequal country across Europe» ; «To this democracy marked by the vices of corruption, cronyism, inequality of citizens in access to law”; «To be this country that destroys its productive apparatus”; «To be a country in which, year after year, thousands of men and women are forced to seek their future in a foreign country, almost forced exile”; «To this situation in which Portugal is hostage to foreign interests and completely submissive to the interests of some loan sharks, some speculators, those who are interested in making Portugal a weak economy, subservient to the strongest economies of interests.”

The alternative to the situation that the country is experiencing is “an alternative of social justice, that the Constitution has all the conditions to give foundation and materialize,” said Edgar Silva near the end of his speech, even before enhance the role of young “in this battle, which goes far beyond the elections themselves.” “Your role will be decisive. This is our application. Let us mobilize all for a great result, so this battle brings new future possibilities for our country, “he said.