Salute the struggle of the students of the Elementary and Secondary Education of November 5

(data: 5.11.2015)

The Portuguese Communist Youth, is in solidarity with the students and their just demands and welcomes all students who took to the streets by the 5th of November 2015. The students of Secondary Education took to the streets in several municipalities in the district of Lisbon , Porto, Coimbra, Santarém, Aveiro, Leiria, Évora, Braga Setúbal, Algarve, to claim their right to a public school, free of charge and quality.

In a context in which the beginning of the school year is marked by the deterioration of the material and human conditions in the schools of Basic and Secondary Education, the result of right policy practiced for years by the PS governments, PSD and CDS, based on funding cuts for the education. These funding cuts are an attack on our right to study and translate the growing lack of material conditions and in several schools with stops works, lack of heating in classrooms, equipment can not be used as a result of high costs maintenance. This lack of investment in public school is also reflected in the absence of employees, which means that in more and more schools services or are operating in a few hours or are privatized, as are examples of this are numerous cafeterias for schools north to south of the country.

While hundreds are students who today are forced to drop out of school because they can not afford the costs of education often and so many others who have to work in order to pay for their studies.

The expression of this day of fighting proves that students do not accept the continuation of the policy of destruction of public school practiced for years by governments PS, PSD, CDS.

The JCP also calls for unity of students and intensification of the struggle in schools and on the streets in defense of Public Education, Free and Quality, reaffirming that is the strengthening and intensification of the struggle of the students who will pave the way for the resolution of their problems and for fulfillment of their rights: the effectiveness of April School, as it is enshrined in the Portuguese Constitution.


Secondary School Alfredo da Silva

On the 5th October, the roofs of Secondary School Alfredo da Silva, in Barreiro, flew due to the strong wind that was felt, but this fact was not unconnected with the state of degradation and insecurity in which they found themselves. For this reason, classes were suspended until 15, to return to be suspended on the 19th, a result of over a fall from a roof.


On 20 October 2015, the students of this school, together with other educational community (teachers, staff and parents) took to the streets by the requirement of roadworks at school, the replacement of roofs that fell, the safety assurance students and the resumption of classes.


Adding to the roof of the problem persist serious material problems in the infrastructure, which needs immediate intervention by the Ministry of Education. Problems ranging from the deterioration of the gym roof, the windows, the constant flooding in winter, the result of infiltration, the baths have no waste disposal capacity, lack of goals, a patio that just have gravel and where several students have fallen, the lack of warming that causes many students come to the blanket of school.


As a result of the protest held on 20 October – and he joined in front of the Ministry of Education in Lisbon over two hundred students, as well as parents, teachers and staff – the students of Alfredo da Silva High School saw the works in roofs of their school to perform. However, the fight can not and must not stop here, because the school still needs to fund works to resolve the remaining issues, safeguarding these students may have decent study and safe school.

Access to education is a universal right, not a privilege only a few!

Enshrined in the Portuguese Constitution, public school, free, democratic and quality is the right of all young Portuguese. However, that we still believe that studying in Portugal is free: education costs are constantly increasing, reaching, at present, unsustainable values ​​for a considerable part of the families of our country.


With the start of the school year, students are once again faced with a rise in school attendance costs. They are, two months after the start of school, many students who do not have textbooks and materials, for the inability to bear these costs which resulted, on average, values ​​between 480 and 540 euros. In addition, the most expensive photocopies, the prices of the highest bars and canteens the price that is now required for students to be able to go to a field trip, are factors that have contributed decisively to that many students are unable to study and perform well in schools.


In addition to the difficulties experienced since arriving to schools, transport costs are high, preventing many students to travel to their schools and forcing them to work to support such costs, or even leave school.


All these factors will be reflected ultimately in the national exams. Under cover of the claim to match the conditions of access to higher education, these are only an obstacle to further education, contributing to the gentrification of education. In addition to devalue the continuous evaluation, they ignore the colossal differences with the students from the outset they apply to their implementation – across the country, schools have different conditions, there are many classes with over 30 students in the learning It is complicated and not all students are able to obtain explanations out of school or to buy the manuals to support national exams as compensation.


The evolution of reality in schools of our country shows that, apart from the underfunding in public education, the aim of privatization and gentrification of access to education and knowledge is the way that the PS government, PSD and CDS have followed over the last 40 years.


Given this situation, the JCP and the PCP presents a number of measures based on the struggle waged daily in schools by students of basic and secondary education – including free school manuals and all other supporting materials, the immediate replacement of the Pass School 4_18 and the extinction of national tests aimed at enhancement of fair and continuous assessment – would contribute decisively to realize the right of all young people to study.
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