About JCP

The Portuguese Communist Youth (JCP) was founded on November 10th 1979 from two existing youth movements: The Young Communist League (UJC), which represented young workers, and the Communist Students League (UEC). It is historically rooted in the Portuguese Youth, and it brought over from the previous movements a vast heritage of standing for young people’s rights and freedom, in the struggle against fascism.

JCP, as a revolutionary youth organization, remains deeply connected to the reality of the Portuguese youth, to the constant changes that affect their lives, and to the attacks and battles they face, its intervention reflects its goals: to transform our reality and society. Precisely because of its goals, proposals and concrete action, JCP is the only youth organization that provides answers to the issues affecting young people in Portugal and the only one that continues to support their daily struggle for their rights and aspirations.

In JCP, young people have a place to establish strong bonds of friendship, collective action and solidarity, uniting the youth and other peoples from around the world. With JCP, the united youth can fight together against exploitation and oppression, against imperialism, racism and xenophobia. They can fight for environmental preservation, for peace, democracy and national independence, for progress and social justice. Young communists work and fight for a new society. Together with the Portuguese people, they struggle to build a society where there will be no room for exploitation of man by man, where young people will be able to fully achieve their rights and dreams, and where life will reach farther horizons of individual and collective achievement – Socialism and Communism.

Being the only youth party organization that stands against the current system, JCP is always willing to keep a watchful (and necessarily critical) eye on our reality. JCP’s collective discussion is an important tool to strengthen its intervention and its forms of organization. It’s main form of action is to remain ever present and active in schools and work places, to keep young people informed, to raise their political awareness and to strengthen and mobilize the struggle.

In JCP, young people participate actively in the youth and the Portuguese people’s struggle, alongside the workers. Alongside the Portuguese Communist Party, JCP dedicates its action to the Portuguese people and country, and contributes to the construction of an advanced democracy in Portugal, in constant pursuit of the ideals, achievements and values of the April Revolution.

Join the struggle, join JCP!