36 years of struggle!

(data: 10.11.2015)

The November 10, 1979, the unification of the Union of Communist Students with the Union of Young Communists marked the creation of the JCP.

Today, as before, the youth is not resigned and there are many battles we fight: in defense of public school, free, democratic and quality; in defense of universal access to higher education; against insecurity, low wages, unemployment and forced emigration; the values and rights that the April revolution consecrated, for the right to be happy in our country!

Despite the many obstacles we face, these 36 years of intervention and the transforming capacity of struggle give us confidence and show that a more just and fraternal society and a world of peace and solidarity is possible among people, where there is no room for exploration Man Man and where possible the full realization of the rights and youthful aspirations.

Long live the struggle of the Portuguese youth! Long live JCP!